2016 New Year's Day

Oh my goodness, was it already noon?

It was so bright outside.  

I woke up so late.  I was supposed to conduct a New Year's Day Service at 10:30 a.m. at Kapaa Jodo Mission.


Then I saw the clock at the Kapaa Jodo Mission house.

I was soooo glad it was my first dream of the New Year.  I never woke up late...rather it was early....at 5:30 a.m.   Although I didn't have enough sleep after the midnight service but this dream made me completely wake up. 


This was how 2016 has started and I went to see the first sunrise at Kealia scenic overlook near Kapaa Jodo Mission.  Every year, I have a routeen to go to Poipu to see the first sunrise only for a short moment and then go back to temple to make sushi.  But this year, I declared I won't need to make it.  So for my first time, I was able to spend a gorgeous time facing the ocean at my heart's content.

It was not so clear but with the help of 500mm lens, I saw the mountains of Oahu and a smaller island in the east?   I thought it was a ship but it didn't seem to move.  I wonder what is it?  Is it a mirage?

Do you have any idea? 

Then sun rised at 7:17 a.m.

The first sunrise of the new year is called "Hatsu-Hinode" in Japanese.  And it is sometimes called "Go-Raiko" meaning "The Light is coming to bless us."  Since Japanese used to worship sun as God(actually goddess), sunrise has been very special for them to start a day.   Also the name of the country "Nihon" does mean "the place where sun rises" and as you may know, their national flag is an image of rising sun.  So still today, lots of Japanese go to see the first sunrise of the new year in order to receive blessing of the sun.  For me, the blessing of the sun is nothing but Amida's blessing and I cannot help but thank Amida for giving me this precious life. 


Last but Happy New Year to you and your beloved ones!

Kotoshi mo dozo yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu!

Aloooooooha from Kaua'i

Kosen Ishikawa

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