Investment (2)

I'm a kind of savy person who try not to use money for what I want.  However, I don't mind spending money for what I use a lot such as computer, camera, and book. 


They are actually expensive.  However, my father always sponsored me to buy those things, especially books.  It is his belief that the more books we buy, the more feelings of "Mottainai" we get without reading those books.  As a result, we read more books. 


So my family temple in Japan is indeed like a library and I used to be a avid reader.  I was very lucky since my father always said "Yes" for buying books while his answer was always "No" for buying a video game. 


In a sense, buying books to children is like investment for the future of children.  I'm not sure if he is now sartisfied with his investment to me but I realize it is now my turn to do investment for my children.

While staying on Oahu, we went to the bookstore, Barns & Noble and we let my son choose what he wanted to read.   I wanted him to read some Enduring classical works with affordable prices.  But what he wanted to buy were.....

Oh my goodness....all expensive books!  I was so surprised to hear the price of $136 at the cashier! (I regretted I missed to see the price before purchase.)

As compared to books in Japan, they are sooooooooooooooo extremely expensive and soooooooooooooooo heavy.


But instantly, I convinced myself to buy them. "Ok. This should be an investment to my son just like my father did."


After visiting a big bookstore on Oahu, I sincerly thought Kauai needs a bookstore like Barns and Noble.  Althought tremendously many books are available online, a bookstore has great merrits.

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