Brave Man

What a brave man!

Whenever I have a chance to re-read my English writings, I always find mistakes....they are sometimes just typos but sometimes they don't make any sense.   Also there are even embarrassing mistakes.  

Then I realize myself as a brave man since I expose my rough writings and thoughts to the public without asking native speaker for the proofreading.  

As I write more and more English writings nowadays, yes, I can easily find possible mistakes in my writings if I take time to read them.  However, it is still hard to notice grammatical errors and typos before publishing to the public. 

Last month, as soon as I sent out Kapaa Jodo Mission newsletters, immediately I noticed a big mistake.  My minister's message was typed as "Ministers' Message." 

"Oh, no!!!!  It's not ministers' but my message!"

Although I felt so embarrassed, it was too late....I had nothing to do after sending.   But that's not all.   In the past, there were more embarrassing mistakes such as..."Minister's Massage" and "Thank you for corporation!"

As I feel more embarrassed about my writings, however,  I get a stronger motivation that I want to use words rightly....which makes me review my writings again and again. 

The good thing about this blog is .....I can always correct my mistakes as soon as I can find them.   So if you have a chance to re-read my blog in the past, some of them, including the article yesterday, should be improved because I took time to review and fix mistakes..

However, there must be much more mistakes remaining there.  If you found "possible embarrassing mistakes" in my writings, please do not hesitate to let me know....

The other day...after meeting Japanese guests, I realized my zipper was way down!!! 

"Oh no!" 

I'm sure I do appreciate your "EYZ!"

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