Practice of Perseverance

The other day in the morning, on the way to Kapaa Jodo Mission, I encountered a slowly moving car ahead of me just as soon as I came out of the Koloa tree tunnel.

Driving speed on highway is supposed to be 50mph, but the car in front me was so slow driving around 40 to 45 mph.  Gradually, I started to feel irritation and frustration since I thought I might be late for the appointment....



Ok now, here is a quiz.   please guess what I did...but if you are busy, please ignore it!





I did...

1. Shouted swearwords?

2. Got closer to the car to urge it drive faster?

3. Listened to the radio to relax myself?

4. Chanted Nenbutsu? or meditation?

5. Took a voice record of my sermon?


Again what do you guess? 

I have a feeling that I want to give a prize if you got a right answer!



The answer is....


























2. I drove faster to get closer to the car a few times!

I'm sorry if I betrayed your expectations. But I'm so ignorant human being.

I usually chant Nenbutsu or sutra while driving to Kapaa.  Sometimes, I sing songs  and sometims I practice my sermon in the car.  However, I couldn't do these when I was involved in a unexpected traffic jam. I felt so stressed.  I was very curious to see who the heck driver was?  Then I got closer.

As soon as I passed  the car at Puhi, I took a look at the driver.     I had to be smile because the driver was a very old lady who must be over 90 years old!   It was no wonder so slow and no wonder she didn't care for a very long line of cars after hers!!!  At the same time, I repented what I did and made a vow I need to practice to calm myself and enjoy the moment at the traffic jam next time.

In 2002, when I served Kapaa Jodo Mission for my frist time to go back and forth from Koloa, I remember 30 minutes was pretty enough time to get there.  

Now over 10 years later, it needs at least 40 minutes to drive 20 miles from Koloa to Kapaa.   The reason why it takes more driving time was because there are more people and more cars on Kauai.

But this is not the only reason.  This time, I first realized it was probably because there are more and more older drivers here on Kauai...that's why driving takes more time.

I truly repented what I did the other day.  I needed to be patient and compassionate for others at all time.  

Yes, I'm so baka-tare, but because of this realization, I wish to improve myself and I need Buddhism.   Again, I  realized driving car can be a very good place of practicing perseverance and compassion!   But of course, nothing is important than safety.  

Let us drive safely, calmly, and  pleasantly!!!  ( I talked to myself!!!)

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