2015 Bodhi Day Service at Lihue Hongwanji

2015 Bodhi Day Service will be held


at Lihue Hongwanji Mission from 9:30 a.m. on December 6th.


Bodhi (Literally means awakening) day is a commemorative day when Siddhartha Gautauma  attained Enlightenment.  In Japan, this day was believed to be on December 8 and here in Hawaii, many Buddhist temples observe a Bodhi Day Service in December Sunday, closest to December 8.


The service tomorrow will be sponsored by Kauai Buddhist Council which consists of 9 temples (Kapaa Jodo, Kapaa Hongwanji, Kauai Soto Zen Temple, Kauai Dharma Center, Koloa Jodo, Lihue Hongwanji, Waimea Higashi Hongwanji, Waimea Shingon and West Kauai Hongwanji).  We will welcome a guest speaker, Rev. Thomas Okano, a retired Bishop of Honpa Hongwanji.  The title of Dharma Talk will be "Buddha's Bodhi Day Enlightenment and Me." 

Refreshments will follow the service.


Everyone will be welcomed!

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