Reuse of Paper Towel


My wife and children always tell me "Ew!" whenever they see used paper towels in the box at my office.

I'm terribly sorry if you felt it was "ewww", too.


But let me explain....I have a reason why I am collecting used paper towels.   First, they may be not clean but they are not dirty, either!

I mainly use paper towel just to wipe my hands after washing them well.  In other words, those paper towels were used for my clean hands!  Because paper towels were used just to dry wet clean hands, they were supposed to be clean....I think.  Of course, if towels are dirty, I defenitely throw them away. 


Used paper towels are too good to throw away in the trash can!  They can be good wipes for another things....So instead of throwing away paper towels, I put them in my pant's pocket and eventually keep in my box at the office.   Then I use them for wiping handrails, windows, washing machine, and toilet!!!  Because the quality of paper towels are actually very good, they turn out to be good wipes.

When I told my wife about this importance of "REUSE" , she just replied "How about reducing to use paper towels?"    That was very right.  For the future of ouer Earth,  we need to work together 3R...Reduce, Reuse, and recycle.

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