New Additions

As I grow more water lilies, my passion for water lily is rapidly growing.  I just got three different water lilies from Arizona;

1, Colorad Pink Hardy Water Lily

2, Director Moore Purple Water Lily

3, Charlene Strawn Yellow Water Lily

They were not inexpensive but I believed it was truly worth buying.

By having various blooming water lilies here, not only I but also our members and possibly many visitors can enjoy the flowers.  They can be very good additions to our temple's appeal.   

Besides, water lilies don't require much cares such as watering everyday.  They are relatively easy to grow and easy to propagate.  Then eventually I can share plants with members and friends...So this is a good buy!  I'll add picture of flower if it bloomed.

Colorad Pink Hardy Water Lily.

Bloomed on November 22.
Bloomed on November 22.

Director Moore Purple Water Lily.

Charlene Strawn Yellow Water Lily....There was no more space to put this plant so I used a bucket again.

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