Thought about Life

After learning about rip current and what to do with the rip, I had a thought about "life."  

I thought life is actually like a rip current.   This current is taking everybody's age and then eventually to death.   Once we are born, we cannot escape from this current....  We are all taken to the ocean of "death" by the strong current of "life."  

Just like swimmers cannot swim against the current, no matter how hard we make efforts to go back to the shore of "birth", we cannot go back to be younger again.  Sooner or later, whether we dislike it or not, we are all taken to the death, without exception.


Then what can we do? and what we should do?

As I wrote about a rip current, I realized the safety tips of the rip current can be very helpful to deal with "life", too.

Let me quote the safety tips of the sign at the beach, again.


If you get caught in a rip,

1.  Keep Calm.  Conserve energy, float, breath, don't panic, and wave for help.


2. Go with the flow - relax, breathe and float in the current.   Allow the current to take you away from the beach, where it will eventually release you offshore.  There is no UNDERTOW (ocean current move horizontally and do not pull you donwward.   Remember: Relax and Float.


3. Wait for help.  If there is a large surf or shoreline hazards, wave your hands for help and wait for assistance.


I thought these tips were excellent not only for the swimmers but also good for all of us.  Of course, the safety tips of the "life" are not exactly same as the tips above.  However, if I can add a little more words then they should be very good tips for the life.



How to deal with the Rip Current of Life.

1. Keep Calm.  Breath ...You don't need to worry about future.  You are not dead yet.   You can just realize you are living right now.   Don't panic! and wave for help by Buddha or God or whatever you can believe in.  They can save you when the time comes.

2. Go with the flow.  Relax, breathe and float in the current.   Do not attach going back.   Let us enjoy the float right now.   Allow the current to take you away from the life, where it will eventually release you from suffering.   Remember, Relax and float.  And Let it be.

3. Wait for help of Buddha or God.  If there is an accident or crisis in life, immediately wave for help by Buddha or God.


Just like knowledge about rip is an essential way to get out of the rip, the knowledge about life what will happen to life is very significant to face death.  Without knowing this life, we can be easily confused and panic.  

On the other hand, by knowing what is going on and what the life should be, we can preapre for death.

Although nobody can prove life after this death, but everybody is allowed to believe the life after this life.  By believing in the final destination, we can not only lessen the great burden of death but also we can enjoy the float  in the current of life.

Just a thought.

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