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Several years ago, my wife and I participated in the Water Gardening class at Kilauea.  The lecturer was the owner of the Garden Ponds Nursery who were so knowledgeable and enthusiasm about the water plants.   We really enjoyed the class and at the ending of the class, there was a surprise gift of the water lily.  Each participant could choose either a purple water lily or a night blooming water lily which should be very difficult to bloom.  When I chose a night blooming water lily, the owner wished me a "Good luck."

Yes, it is true.  I still need a good luck to see this flower.   Although they are always growing so well that I propagated the original plant to increase several plants, but they never bloomed yet. 


As I get other water lilies blooming every day, I actually paid less attention to the never-blooming plants.   But finally, they caught my attention.  I want to see the flower!

Now I have two kinds of fertilizers I should try.   One is Aquatic-Tabs and another one is Laguna Plant Glow from amazon.com.

Which one will work good?

Laguna is more expensive but I know this instantly worked for the Ruby!  I wish I can see the night blooming water lily in the future.

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