Notice of Memorial Service in 2016

        2016 Notice of Memorial Service

Deceased Year

Memorial Service


1st Year Memorial


3rd Year Memorial


7th Year Memorial


13th Year Memorial


17th Year Memorial


23rd Year Memorial


25th Year Memorial


27th Year Memorial


33rd Year Memorial


37th Year Memorial


43rd Year Memorial


47th Year Memorial


50th Year Memorial

I've just made a list of memorial service for the next year.  In our tradition, bereaved families are encouraged to observe memorial services for your beloved ones,  in certain years after the death, starting from the bedside service, called Makuragyo, followed by funeral, 7th Day Service, 49th Day Service, 100th Day Service, Hatsu-Bon (First Bon) Service, 1 year, 3rd year, 7th year, 13th year, 17th year, 23rd year, 25th year, 27th year, 33rd year, 37th year, 43rd year, 47th year, and 50th Memorial.   That's not all.  Family can continue to observe a memorial service if they long as family exists.


Honestly speaking, however, this is not a original Buddhist custom, but a Japanese custom.   During Edo period (1603-1868), so many memorial services were actually added in Japan in order for the priests to survive.   Just imagine...more services means more money.   By having more memorial services, they including my ancestors, were able to live. 


Because one of the core teachings of Buddhism is "non-attachment", followers of Buddhism are actually encouraged not to attach the deceased for a long time.    So originally there was no memorial service after the 49th day and in other Asian countries, 7th year memorial would be the last service for the deceased.


It is so true for the family to continue to sponsor a memorial service for many more years may cost money and time.   But at the same time, there are some great merits.   To observe more services could mean,


1.  To have more opportunities to learn and practice Buddhism *Nenbutsu.

2.  To be more mindful of our life and blessings thanks to the ancestors.

3.  To have a great chance of family reunion.


After participating in the 50th memorial service for my grandfather this year, I realized memorial service was indeed blessing.   I should encourage our members and friends to plan ahead of observing memorial service for the deceased. 

I don't know what other Buddhist ministers can offer, but I am now very confident what I can offer for the service.  Sushi or Cake!  just kidding.

 I usually prepare a special "quiz " which family can learn and enjoy.   AlsoI can do a Live streaming Memorial Service via youtube for those who live far from Kauai. 

For the service appointment, please feel free to email or call me at 808-742-6735.  

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