"Too many" is the reason why it decreases (2)

Last May, I found unfamiiar plants growing here in our yard.  They have pretty flowers but I assume they must be weeds since we never planted these seeds.  I wonder do you know the name of this plant?  (Your information will be greatly appreciated!!! )

Later, I found a caterpillar eating leaves of the plant.   As you may know, caterpillar eat only certain plants such as crown flower in Hawaii and the plant that caterpillar eat is called "host plant."   So I assumed more butterflies would lay eggs.   But there were already at least 6 caterpillars were eating young leaves.

So I was hoping I could watch their making cocoons and transforming into the butterflies.   However, just in a few days, they ate up all the host plants here and they were all dead.


It was obvious there were too many caterpillars as for the small resource.  And the reason why caterpillars were gone was simply because there were too many caterpillars.  


This is such a simple answer however if we are mindful of situations of all the Japanese Buddhist temples in Hawaii, this may sound true.


Why did numbers of Japanese Buddhist temples in Hawaii decrease? 

I know there could be many opinions and you can find basic opinions which were introduced in the documentary film called "Aloha Buddha."


But my answer should be very simple..... it was because too many temples were built in Hawaii, that's why numbers have decreased.  

Of course, this never mean all the Buddhist temples would be gone.  Rather I strongly believe because it decreased, now is the chance that we may increase!


I don't know what to call this principle but I believe this universe is always seeking the blanace.  If it's too many, then it decrease.  On the other hand, if this decrease, then another one can increase.   This is just like the movie "Star Wars"

Please look at this picture....Even though this host plant had once no leaves at all because of the caterpillars, but so many young leaves came out and now flower bloomed again!!!


By the way, if you are interested in reading another article of "Too many is the reason why it decrease,  please click the link "Too many is the reason why it decrease!"   If I hope you enjoy reading it.

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