Teaching of "It's not Fair!" (2)

"It's not fair!"

I used to feel "It's not fair!" whenever I saw leaves of avocado on our temple ground.

I like avocado and I often use avocado for Sushi.

But as you may know, avocado tree produces sooooooo many leaves which are all falling down eventually. 

The biggest problem here is, this avocado tree is not ours!  It's standing on our neighbor's property.  Yes, they can enjoy taking their fruits of avocado but they don't come to pick up fallen leaves. 

Unfortunately the tree is located in the direction of North-east.  And it is north-east wind called "Trade Wind" that blows many leaves here. 

As you know, trade wind blows throughout the year here in Hawaii.   This means picking up fallen leaves is like endless job thoughout the year. That's why...I felt it was not fair.

However there are actually some days that I can find no fallen leaves of avocado at all on our temple ground!   Later, I came to know this happens when the South Wind, so-called "Kona" wind blows. 

Yes, I loved Kona Wind!!!

But again later, I realized.....when "kona" wind blows, leaves of another tree are coming down here. 

That is a huge Monkeypod tree at the next door. 

Monkeypod leaves are actually tiny, but because of the size of the tree, the amount of leaves are terrible.  There are tremendously many leaves and it takes more time to pick them up.

Yes, it is defenitely not fair!

However, no matter how we complain, worry and blame, one thing is sure.  Leaves cannot go away!   Whether it blows from south or north, leaves are coming down. 

Then, is it good to have no wind?    That's both yes and no.  No-Wind may not produce fallen leaves but good for one thing is bad for another thing.   If there is no wind, it becomes very hot and humid here!!!

So if we are mindful of what is fair, we can realize "it's not fair" is pretty fair.  This means everyone should always have something that is not fair.

Yes, again, it is not fair, but this is the life that we need to accept.

If we misunderstand to believe "it is fair", we might get all the negative thoughts coming, such as disappointment, envy, worry,  and sometimes anger.

On the other hand, if we can truly realize "Life is supposed to be not fair."  Then we can not only accept our reality but also we can enjoy and appreciate "life" when it happen to be fair!

At this time, I want to thank Alvin Akimoto, Edwin Shinagawa, Joe Miyahara, Shuji Sanekane for trimming the avocado branches.  Hopefully, we welcome much less leaves of avocado

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