Power Spot

Japanese tourists nowadays like visiting Hawaiian Heiau in order to receive a kind of power from the invisible energy of the place.  They call it "Power Spot" and a sightseeing tour called "Power Spot Tour" is getting to be popular on Kauai.

In fact, I've taken some guests to this tour, but honestly speaking, I don't like the idea of "power spot" since it is quite opposite of Buddhist teachings.

I may be wrong but the idea of power spot is like this.

If you can go to the very special place, you will get power.  You cannot get power from the place which is not power spot.   So if you want some power, you have to go there.  To go there, you need both time and money for traveling.   

This sounds something wrong.

If you want to be happy, you have to go to the specific place.    Also If you want to be happy, you need to buy this and that.  If this is true, it would be difficult for poorer to be happy.

But actually, do we need to travel far to seek for the power in the future?  Also do we need to go there in order to be happy?   Is there anything that we need to buy in order to be happy?

Buddhism teaches us  happiness  can be obtained here right now, not in the future, not in the past.  It should be realized always here right now.     Also I do believe power spot can be actually anywhere on Earth since it is Mother Earth that is living right now, we who are on Earth, are already receiving under the influence of power of mother Earth.  Yes, if we can be mindful of this fact, we don't need to travel to seek for the power.   

What we really need is very simple.   We just need to realize this is the power spot and now is a very special moment! 

I think this is a Buddhist understanding of power spot. 

But I have to tell you I never deny the importance of Hawaiian Heiau.  Rather I had very strange experiences there.  Maybe in the future when I am ready, I want to share my experiences at Hawaiian Heiau.

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    Stephanie Whiting (Tuesday, 13 October 2015 00:44)

    Hai, an essential reminder, arigato. All we have is now, this moment and how precious it is. Looking forward to reading about your heiau experiences, when you feel ready.