Neither Heat Nor Cold Lasts Beyond the Equinox

I used to like saying Kauai is the best place since it is not too hot and not too cold.  However, I realized it was not so true.  It was too hot in Summer here.   This year, for my first time, I placed an electric fan in my office ever since I moved to Koloa in 1999. 

After spending some time this year in Japan where is known as hotter and muggy, I felt Japan was still much more comfortable to live because they had air conditioners everywhere.  But in Hawaii, most houses don't have air conditioners because it's not too hot at least at night. I think many people will have to buy air conditioner if it will be hotter even at night like Japan.   But as long as it is not so hot at night,  many of us have to be patient with the heat for the day time. 

 I now agree to what Mr. Ricky Nishizuka of Las Vegas told me two years ago.  He said the best place in Hawaii was inside the car with an air conditioner.  Yes, it's so true!  It's very comfortable to be in the air conditioned car.  At the same time, we can enjoy wonderful views while driving.  

Now hot summer seems to be gone finally.  This is just like a saying, "Neither heat nor cold lasts over the equinox."  However, as you know, hurricane season is not over.  Rather it seems more hurricanes might come because of the global warming. 

Do we have extra food and water for emergency?  There is another saying that "disaster comes when we forget about it."  When it is peace, we'd better check supply for emergency. 

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