The Man Who Skiied Down Everest

I am not sure if we are honest but I am sure internet users are very honest.  If they feel it is interesting, they will come to view the website.  And there will be more viewers in the future.  On the other hand, if they feel it is boring, they don't come to view the site. 

After reading my blog lately, I felt I didn't make good articles recently. Also I couldn't update the website many times.   It is no wonder average numbers of daily visitors have decreased to as small as 15 from over 100!  

Now I feel I have to provide something interesting.  Good thing is I have some interesting experiences lately.  Bad thing is very hard to write them interestingly.   I need energy and some time to write for it.

All of sudden, I got an idea that I don't need to be hustle.  Instead of writing interesting articles by myself, I thought just sharing somebody's amazing video would be good!!!

This way....I can update it everyday....I hope! 

The video above today is a documentary film about Yuichiro Miura, a Japanese alpinist who skied down Mt. Everest in 1970.  I am so amazed by the fact such an excellent documentary was filmed before I was born!

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