When I go to Japan, I usually use a Cardboard box as a suitcase since a box is pretty strong yet very light!   Then I fill coffee and cookies in the box for Japan, and for returning, I bring back both paper lanterns and heavy amount of books.  By using a box,  I can bring back and forth both big and heavy weight of materials. 

The box in the photo above was my favorite suitcase.  I think I used it at least 4 times but unfortunately it was broken this time.  So I got a new suitcase of another box this time!  It was free!

It is true this type of box is hard to carry for a long time since it weighs as heavy as 50lbs (23kg)!  But in Japan, you don't need to carry this box around.  You can just send it from airport to hotel or from hotel to airport by express home delivery system called "Takkyubin."  It doesn't cost much but delivery is so fast.  If it's not too far, next day delivery is their standard service with a fee about $20.

From any international airport in Japan, you can send your suitcase anywhere in Japan.  The Takkyubin counter is located on the same floor of the arrival lobby.  On the other hand, if you send your suitcase to the airport, you can pick it up at the counter on the same floor of the departure lobby.

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