I miss Aloha!

Again, I am planning to go to Japan next month to help my father's temple's services.


There are many websites for the flight reservation, but as for looking for the cheaper airfare to Japan, I think JTB USA website is excellent.  Their search system can find the cheapest airfare for me by clicking just several times.


I'm very glad to know one way airfare going to Tokyo is about $400 (Delta), however, I don't understand Hawaiian airfare going to Honolulu is as high as $186!  


Honolulu-Tokyo = 3854 miles = 8 hour 25 minues =  $400 

Lihue-Honolulu= only 108 miles= only 25 minutes = $186! 


This is something wrong!!!  Hawaiian airlines seems to take unfair overcharing since the fuel price should be same whether it goes Tokyo or Honolulu. 


I started to miss Aloha Airlines so much!  At the same time, I want to see a big Aloha from our local Hawaiian airlines!

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