Waiting Time

It sounds joke but temple's computer at Kapaa Jodo Mission worked only three times since my assignment at Kapaa Jodo in March this year.  Since then I have used my laptop but finally bought a new desktop for the temple.  That's why I'm here at Kapaa Jodo Mission today.   

I was hoping to set up computer in a few minutes and then going back to Koloa....But this computer is taking so much time for being ready.

Almost ready..... continued for at least 20 minutes.  Then I mistakenly started installing and upgrading Windows 10!!!

Almost two hours have passed but it's still 11%.  I started to wonder when I can go back to Koloa.

But there are a few good things waiting here for the completion of upgrade. 

1. While waiting,  I completed copying bulletin and I'm now ready for sending the temple's bulletin out.

2. While waiting, I was able to update this blog!

3. I found daily interesting sayings at the office.

Today's proverb means,

"Even though you admit your fault, your man's worth will never fall in value.  Rather by admitting your fault, you can improve your value!"

Ok...now it's 15 %....what should I do next?

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