Many plants naturally bloom flower once a year, but if we use plant-food, I understand, they have much more flower more often.  So there are many plant-food available at stores and many people use various plant-food or fertilizer as a common sense.

This common sense, however, was made from our convenience that we want to see more flower or fruits!   We never know if plants want food or not.  We never think plants can speak.  But if they have their own consciousness and they can think.....what would they say about plant-food? 

I just imagined and thought plant-food might be something like enforcement or doping.  To give plant food to the flower could mean we give more jobs to the flower and we make flower working so hard. 

On the other hand, if they can bloom only once a year without having plant-food, they can spend much more relaxed time!!!

But of course, this is one of the opinions.  Just like there are many human beings and opinions, I'm sure there are some plants which can be very happy to bloom more flower....thanks to the plant-food! 

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