What is Normal?

According to the Volcano Discovery, Japan has 118 active volcanoes which accounts alone for about 10 % of all active volcanoes in the world.  There are 20 volcanoes in Hokkaido, 47 volcanoes in Honshu, 9 volcanoes in Kyushu, Izu Islands have 17 and Ryukyu islands have 10 volcanoes.  Also there are small 15 volcanoes islands.  Then there are over 1,000 felt earthquakes were observed in a year and especially after the 3.11 earthquake in eastern Japan in 2011, frequency of big earthquake has been increasing.

Almost all scholars seem to agree that 3.11 mega-earthquake has caused Japanese volcanoes more active, but I saw one of them left a very impressive comment on the TV news. 

He said, " Frequency and activities of volcanoes in the 20th century were actually incredibly less.  Now activities of volcanoes seem to be back to normal."

It seems very scary to live in Japan but we cannot do anything to the nature.  We cannot change volcanoes.   We cannot stop earthquakes.   What we can do is very limited. 

Then what we can do is to change our understanding of nature.  The fact we are living alone is very rare thing and natural disasters are normal.  By understanding this rare and precious life, we can appreciate this moment and the fact we are living now.

Yes, natural disaster is normal but our life is not normal.  It's a miracle.....this is the way we can accept reality!

By the way, how many names of Japanese volcanoes did you know? Yes, Mt. Fuji is one of the active volcanoes!

Hokkaido (20 volcanoes): Oshima-Oshima | E-san | Komaga-take | Nigorigawa | Kuttara | Usu | Shikotsu | Shiribetsu | Yotei | Niseko | Shikaribetsu | Akan | Tokachi | Nipesotsu-Maruyama | Mashu | Kutcharo | Daisetsu | Rausu | Shiretoko-Iwo-zan | Rishiri

(From Vlcanoes of Japan facts)

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