Thoughts on Law

This plastic bottle above in the picture can be 5 cents.   The Kauai County Recycling Programs will be glad to accept it as recycling material.

On the other hand, this cannot be 5 cents according to the recycling center at XXX.   It's same material, but it doesn't have a label which says HI5 cents.  Therefore they don't accept it.

Needless to say, law is very important.  Without law, this world should be terrible chaos.  However, I understand law is just one side standard and it is not always right from another viewpoint.

The recycling program is following right guideline.  However, from the viewpoint of ecology, this may not be right.   For the sake of earth, in order to promote getting more recycling material, I believe, they should, at least, accept this plastic bottle without label.

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