Expiration Date

Generally speaking, shelf life for Japanese food product is very short!  Expiration date and date of sale are so close.  Expiration date will be passing so soon if you don't eat it right now.


But this is actually intended by makers of the Japanese products.  They know the fact nothing is superior than fresh product.  So they want customers to eat fresh products as soon as possible.  That's why shelf life is intended to be very short. 


Usually it should be no problem to eat Japanese food that have an expired freshness date!  For me, three months old is nothing.  I could eat one year old one but this should be depending on the ingredients, of course.


The photo above is "Yatsuhashi" which auntie Kim gave us on May 31st immediately after their trip to Japan.  I think this may be a good chance to test to keep it for three months and see if it's ok to eat!  Sorry, I'm kidding.  I just realized we didn't eat it and the expiration date passed.  But I know it's still "Oishii (delicious)" and I will eat after Bon Dance at Kapaa.  (Because this is my favorite, I don't want to eat it easily and lightly!) 

Yes, Bon Dance tonight will be held at

Kapaa Jodo Mission!!!

, not Koloa!

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