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Starting from April, from time to time, I had some chances to take Japanese guests to the one-day sightseeing tour here on Kauai.  What a fun job!  I loved being a tour guide. 

 First, I can meet much more new people from all over Japan.  Then I can always go to the beautiful sites and enjoy taking photos together with guests.   I don't need to worry about getting more volunteers or members at the temple.  I don't need any preparation for being a guide.   All I need is to drive and talk!   Without having guests, I won't have a chance to go to Waimea Canyon, Kalalau lookout and Fern Grotto, but being a guide make it possible to visit beautiful sites many times.

Also I loved more chances to know Kauai better by having various questions from the visitors.   In fact, they could ask anything.... such as "What is the name of this orange tree?"  "What does NASA stand for?"  "What is the meaning of the word, Kauai?"  "How much is the average income on Kauai?" and so on.

Only after hearing questions to which I cannot answer, I strongly get a motivation to find the answer.  As you know, because everybody is soooo different, the questions from various people really varies.  As a result, I am very happy I get to know more about Kauai.  Also talking to the guests can be a good practice for delivering my sermon.    I can practice how well I can entertain people just by talking!   Thus I love it but I realize this is such a very important job.

Because Kauai's largest industry is tourism, our economy depends on numbers of visitors and their spending money.  I case visitors didn't like a guide, they would dislike Kauai.  On the other hand, if they liked a guide, they would like Kauai, too.  Also a guide would be better to satisfy visitors and at the same time, a guide need to make tourists come back.  Also I realized better guide could let them spend more money naturally on Kauai by stopping over the stores.   That's why I feel a guide is so important here on Kauai.  

So far, I believe I'm doing a good job.  I saw happy faces of guests and I had very good responses from the guests that they want to come back to Kauai.

So I was wondering if I should change a job to become a guide if I were fired by Koloa Jodo Mission! 

However one Caucasian couple lately made me realize a priest job is also very important.  One day, they called me to ask me a blessing after their marriage.  I didn't know who they were but  my answer was "YES! How about now?"  Then they came to the temple.   Their names were Chad and Jennee, I think.  After blessing service, I saw tears from the beautiful bride's eyes, when I talked about secrets of happiness.   I became very happy, too and I thought a guide could make visitors happy but I asked it possible for a guide to touch one's heart?    Generously, they made donation and left. 

But, one hour after the service, I was surprised to see a bride came back to the temple and told me she forgot to take a photo of me.  I asked "Me?  I'm no good! I have a website, so please look at the site"   Then to my greatest surprise, she told me she came here because she read my blog!   This was one of the greatest blessings I had.   I thought I gave blessing to them....but it was actually a young couple who gave me blessing! 

My conclusion.....I won't change my jobs.  I'd rather to stay to be the busiest priests ever.

***By the way, there was a huge mistake on the garden Island paper, yesterday.  The next bon dance will be at Kapaa Jodo Mission, not Koloa Jodo Mission!   Please pass this correction to your friends!

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