Beginner's Mind

"Would you like (to have) a map?"

During flight back to Kauai on Sunday, flight attendants were asking passengers if they wanted a map. 

I wonder what would you do? if you were a passenger.

I think people who often come to Kauai would not take a map.  Also I believe we residents of Kauai don't need a map because we think we know Kauai.

But wait a moment!  Are we sure we know Kauai well?  Have we seen the map?  Do we know the contents of the map?

If we say "we know it" and "we don't need it",  that's it.  There will be no chance to know more about it.

However we can be mindful of the fact we don't know all about Kauai, there will be possibilities to know more about it. 

In Japanese, we call it "Shoshin Wasururu bekarazu" meaning "Do not forget beginner's mind."   "Beginner's mind" is not only important in Buddhism but also good for the art of tea, calligraphy, sword, flower arrangement....almost good for everything.  By having a beginner's mind always, we can always have a chance to improve.

So my recommendation receive a map!  Please trust me.  Especially if you are a tourist, please get a map! because there will be some discount coupons on this map!!!

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