"Nikujaga" is an abbreviation word for "Niku-Jagaimo" which means "Meat (Niku) Potatoes (Jagaimo)."  Because potatoes called "Imo" were imported to Japan from Jakarta, Java around 1600, it was named "Java-Imo" in Japan.  Then they say this word "Java-Imo" has become "Jagaimo."   But for modern Japanese, the word "Jagaimo" is sitll long when it was combined with Niku.  So instead of saying "Niku-Jagaimo", we just call it "Niku-Jaga."


Anyway, "Nikujaga" is one of popular Japanese dishes and also this is my wife's favorite food. So I tried to make it with my children.  When I cook, my wife is happy but she can be happier if "we" cook together.  I wonder..... Can I call myself a good husband!?




1.  2 Cups of Dashi Soup (Water wish half stick of Instant broth    granules or 2 cups of water with stock granules)

2.  Beef (8oz or 200 gram )*I used leftover frozen thin-cut sliced beef.

3.  Onion x 1

4.  Potatoes x 4 (medium)* I put 6 potatoes= that's way too much!

5.  Carrots x 1

6.  Salad Oil x 2 tbs

7.  Sake x 2 tbs

8   Sugar x 4 tbs

9.  Salt x 1/2 ts

10. Soy Sauce x 3 tbs

1.  Cut Potatoes (should be bigger size than one bite size), Carrots and onions.

2.  Put Salad Oil into cooker and fry onion, meat, potatoes and carrots with strong heat.

3.  Add Dashi soup (*Water +Broth) into the cooker and boil.

4. After boiling, remove harshness.

5.  Add Sake (2 table spoon), cover lid and continue to boil with midium heat for 4 to 5 minutes.

6. Add Sugar (4 table spoon) and continue to boil for 5 minutes.

7. Add salt (1/2 tea spoon) and boil for another 5 minutes.

8. Add Soy Sauce ( 3 table spoon) and boil for another 10 minutes.  Mix them well.

Completed!!!   I forgot to take a photo of this completed dish but this was very Oishii (delicious)!  Just like wine is so important and needed for western dishes, I got to realize Japanese dish needs "Sake."

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