Today, I'm going to Kapaa Jodo Mission to print copies of May Bulletin I've just made.  Did you know who send a monthly bulletin from Kapaa Jodo Mission?    Sensei? Post Office? Postman? (just kidding.)

I knew members used to get together to make copies, put address labels and stamps on the bulletin about 13 years ago when I was an acting minister there.  Surprisingly, last month, I knew almost same members have still volunteered to send bulletins every month.  Wow!  I'd like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Doi, Lori, and Mrs. Kurihara for doing this work. 

Especially I was so amazed to know one of dedicated members, Mr. Doi opens a temple gate and a niche door and then offers water to Amida Buddha, Jizo Bodhisattvas, Master Honen and Master Shan-tao, early in the morning....everyday...for at least over 13 years!   In the evening, he closes a gate, too.   Then he told me, "Sensei, we have done sending bulletins for many years.  So you don't need to help us.  You can do something else."  I lost words since I was so touched by their dedications and thoughtfulness.  

But actually he is not the only one who are kind and dedicated.   I was also told by another member when I brought refreshments to Kapaa Jodo Mission, "Sensei, we thank you for your food but we make food here, too.  We know you are busy.  Don't bring anything next time."

I, too, appreciate these words but now I am thinking to do as much as I can do....simply because that's my nature.  Yes, I cannot help but to make refreshments!!! ..... but before doing it, I truly need to make my newsletter to send to Koloa Jodo Mission members!

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