The Best Part of Being a Minister

What a great honor!  One of the famous companies here on Kauai have been asking me to work.  They know I am a Buddhist minister.  And they know how busy am I.   But they said there must be free time, especially day-off and very early morning so that they want me to do a part-time job. it a joke?


Another different friend came here to ask me to work for their company.  They know I am a minister, but they said they would need me.  They wanted me to work regularly.


I am actually interested but after thinking about my schedule, I said "No can!"


However, they said they need "help".  It was very hard for me to continue to say "no" for "help."  So today, I'm going to "help" the company for all day long! 

I think the best part of being a minister is I can help various jobs.  But of course, I always appreciate your help, too, for maintaining Koloa Jodo Mission.

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