Would you like to know philosophy?

If you wish to know knowledge, you need to go to school or need to read books.   The more you read books, the more you know.  Especially, people called scholars are very professional about this area.  They know termendously many things that we usually don't know.  However, not all scholars can teach wisdom.  Yes, wisdom and knowledge are different.  Scholars are good at providing knowledge, but they are not responsible for providing wisdom. 


If you wish to know wisdom, all you need to do is "to experience."  You don't need to go to school.  You don't need to read books.  Of course, it's always better to have some knowledge, but knowledge should not be necessary for attaining wisdom, because wisdom is amazingly simple thing like light and shadow.   Yes, wisdom is such a simple idea....whenever there is light, there is shadow.  That's it.  Wise people should know both good and bad things about reality.  So those who can experience both good and bad, success and failure, they can naturally and easily know both opposite sides of reality. 


Then if you wish to know philosophy, please come to Koloa Jodo Mission Sunday Service.  I'm not kidding.  I'm very serious.  Let's think about "truth" called "Dharma" together.   For all of my life, I have spent thinking on various things and experienced many jobs.  Now I'm quite good at thinking.  As a result, I understand this world and reality deeper.


Knowledge can be taught by books and scholars.  Wisdom can be taught by wise people.  But philosophy can be taught by philosopher. 


While waiting rice to be cooked today, I just got an idea why war is happening all the time.  Also I did understand why some people cannot get along each other.




I hope I'm going to share my thought with you via LIVE Buddhist Sunday Service from now on.

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