One man's fault is another's lesson.

I was very very very shocked to watch one of the youtube videos to criticize Buddhism as a false religion.  The preacher was so aggressive, angry and even made fun of Buddhism from the beginning.  I didn't intend to watch all but I couldn't help but to watch it till do they see Buddhism? from my curiosity.


Surprisingly, there were quite many people listening to agree what he said and he called Buddhists as foolish since Buddhists don't wake up to believe in God.  On the other hand, Christians are all enlightened since they believe in God.  I have to admit...this was very interesting idea in a sense (that's why I was able to watch this long video) , but many of his words sounded violent and looking down Buddhism.   Of course, I had many things I wanted to talk back one by one, however, at this time, I'd like to remind and share words of Master Honen who also experienced severe criticisms and attacks from other conservative Buddhist schools in the beginning of the 13th century.


"Should you encounter a non-believer of the practice of Nembutsu, do not discuss the teaching of Nembutsu.  Neither must you get into a debate over the doctrine of Jodo Shu with people belonging to other schools.  You must not look down on, or criticize, people who have views and learnings other than your own.  It would be lamentable to make the other a wrong person by criticism." (Gyojoezu Chapter 25 from Teachings of Honen, Page 58)


It is true I am not enlightened.  Also I may be foolish and bakatare, too.  However, I am very proud to be a Buddhist who can accept my own foolishness. 

Just like a saying "Correct your conduct by observing that of others", I  want to be very careful when I talk about other religions or schools.  Also I would like to mindfully recite "Sange-ge" or verse of Repentance. 

"The harmful actions I have done in the past are

All derived from my inherent greed, anger, and delusion.

Born of my conduct, words, and thoughts,

I now repent them all."

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