LIVE Sunday Service from Kapaa

Today I will have a Sunday Service at Kapaa Jodo Mission, which will be a live streaming video above.

The countdown has already started since I set up this live streaming and the countdown time says 3:28:05  This means in 3 hours 28 minutes and 5 seconds, the video will be broadcasted automatically. 


I am now thinking about what to talk today but I won't spend time for writing my sermon.  I always know I could deliver better sermon if I could take time to write it, but there are some reasons why I never write my sermon.


1. I don't want to read sermon. 

2. Instead of writing sermon, I want to spend time for making refreshments.  Indeed, I'm going to make refreshments from now on. 

3. I don't mind making mistakes or being embarrassed, although I want to avoid them if possible.  However, I can have a strong reason or motivation to deliver better sermon next time if I felt embarrassment or regret.  


Now the countdown says 3:15:52....which means in 3 hours 15 minutes and 52 seconds, I need to make refreshments, take shower, pick flower, and go to Kapaa.   Well, I don't have much time today.  My time writing this blog is almost over since rice seems to be ready.   Yes, I usually update my website while waiting for white rice to be cooked....for sushi.

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