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My first impression on Kauai was "isolated country."   Although Kauai had everything what we needed to live, any products available on Kauai were very limited.  it was very hard for me to get what I wanted...such as world news in detail,  books, Japanese food, and some high tech products.  Especially because I had been accustomed to the urban life, I felt Kauai life was not convenient.   Besides power outrages often happened and dial-style internet was very slow.  International calls were very expensive over 15 years ago.

But now I don't think this Kauai life is not convenient.  I don't feel I live in an isolated island.  With improved technology of communications, we can talk to someone far, looking at each other through the screen from anywhere and anytime.  Worldwide information is always available online instantly and I can even send information to the world from here, anytime.

Also tremendously many things are now available online.  Without going to the stores, I can order what I want.   Usually within a week, I can receive what I ordered.  This is really something like a surprise present!!!   It's true I bought the items online......however, by the time when I would receive them, I completely forget what I ordered.   Then I receive a box.  Now I forget I paid and think, "Wow, I've got a surprise present."


Anyway, as far as materials are concerned, country life is almost as good as the urban life.   If they are both good, then I think country life is better than the urban life, because I believe.....the less people, the less stress.  The more people, the more stress.   Of course, just like there is both light and shadow, there is always  merit and demerit from the different viewpoints.


For example, one of things I wish Kauai had is.....Ramen shop.   Kaua'i has no good Ramen restaurants  People here tend to think Saimin and Ramen are same, but they are so different.   The biggest difference, I think, is soup.  Ramen's soup is the very best soup since they take much time to make by using various materials.  So Ramen's taste has to be much better than simple soup of Saimin. 

So for me, the fact Kauai has no good ramen shop sounds negative....However, from the viewpoint of health, this is good.  Ramen's soup is very delicious but not good for health since it contains high calories and cholesterol .   This means negative fact can easily be positive if we can see the fact differently.

So wherever we may live, the most important thing is to have various viewpoints toward the fact and choose "better understanding."  With the right selection of better understanding,  anyplace you live can be the best place.

New baking pans arrived!!!
New baking pans arrived!!!

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