LIVE Buddhist Sunday Service

I'm very excited to announce you that I'll be broadcasting a LIVE Buddhist Sunday Service through my youtube channel on this coming Sunday, on April 12 from 10:30 a.m. (Hawaii Time)

The best thing about this LIVE service is that youtube can both broadcast and record the event simultaneously.  This means even if you miss the event at the real time, you can watch it as a video anytime and many times.  Also I can set this video as private, unlisted or public. 

So if you live far from Kauai and wish to have a memorial service, I can do this LIVE memorial service for you as a private setting. 

The bad thing about this LIVE is quality of the sound and image may not be good.  Also I'm sorry for the looks of the minister is no good.  I'm planning to test to use another camera and microphone so that quality of the video would be improved but again I'm afraid quality of minister remain same. 

Anyway, here is a test LIVE I did yesterday.  I also link some more upcoming events that will be Live events from Kauai.

Yes, I'll broadcast a Bon Dance Practice here and Mochi Sale at Kapaa Jodo Mission, and Bon Dance!!! using my Youtube Channel.  

If you are not subscriber of my channel yet, this is a very good time to subscribe!  

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