Easier, cheaper and delicious soup

Ever since I became a househusband in February, I have been more mindful of time simply because I became busier.   However, I truly enjoy this situation because this is a great chance for me to develop myself to be a better minister, a better husband, a better father, and a better man.  


Although nobody can have more than 24 hours a day, but I realized that doing things in a effective way can create not only some free time but also save money.   

This morning, I just thought both wisdom and knowlege are equally important.   Knowledge alone cannot be creative.  Wisdom alone cannot be productive.  If we can work both knowledge and wisdom together, we can achieve higher level of happiness.


The following simple dishes, were taught orally by my wife.  It's so simple, easy, cheap, and yet I think it is delicious.   In case you don't know it, I want to share very simple recipes with you. 

Chicken Flavor Wonton Soup


Ingredients for 4 servings

1. Four cups of water

2. Four tsp of Chicken Flavor Buillon

3. Wonton

4. 2 Eggs

5. Green Onion a little



1. Boil four cups of water

2. Add mini Wonton into the boiled water.  *I put too much wontan.

3. Add four tsp of Chicken Flavor Bouillon.

5. Add two eggs and mix them.

6. Add green onion.


That's it.  This tastes good.  If there is no wonton, it shall be eggdropped soup.  No green onion is fine, too.  I am very impressed with my wife's knowledge about cooking.  


Surprisingly, there was  more simple and cheap dish I learned from my wife.   It is Japanese "Ochazuke" with this Chicken Bouillon.

1.  Put a little Bouillon onto the rice.

2. Put Furikake

3. Add hot water.


Completed.  This is so easy, cheap and delicious!  if you know dish something like this simple, please let me know.  I'll appreciate your knowledge. 

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