2015 Buddha Day Aspiration

I'm a minister, not a comedian! 

It is not necessary for me to make people laugh.

That's not my job.

Whether people laugh or not,

my paycheck from Koloa Jodo Mission never increse.

However, my job is to teach the ways to happiness!

In a sense, for both comedians and ministers, "happiness" is a great goal.

So just like comedians, I simply want to see people smile.


This is something very difficult, because everybody is so different.  

But I always try to do something to see your smile. 


During a Buddha Day Service sponsored by Kauai Buddhist Council at Lihue Hongwanji Mission, yesterday, I added "something" to my 2015 Buddha Day Aspiration at the very last minutes.


What was something?


If you have time (3 minutes) please watch this video above or please read an article by the Garden Island Paper.


Aloha and have a good day!

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