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I have some online Dharma friends in the world.  I never met many of them but because I often receive emails, I feel they are like old friends.   Some said they are interested in attending the Sunday Service here, but they live far away from Hawaii.   There are not Jodoshu temples nearby.   What can I do?

One of my answers is to share a Sunday Service video via youtube.  This way, I don't need to hustle to make a special video.  All I need is just to record a sunday service from beginning to the end. Then I upload it to my Youtube channel.   With such a small effort, I can share Buddhist service with possibly many people for many more years to come. 

Another good thing about sharing a Sunday service via internet don't need to come to attend the service.   You can watch it anytime and many times from anywhere in the world.  You can also skip and stop the Dharma talk if you don't like it.  Above all it's all free.

But of course, whenever there is light, there is shadow.  Honestly speaking, everything is not so good to me from the viewpoint of business. 

Bad thing about broadcasting a Sunday service via internet is actually exactly same as listed above.  Because they can watch a video anytime from anywhere, people don't need to come to Koloa Jodo Mission.  This means I cannot expect more attendees.  Also because it is free, I don't expect more donation, which is actually not good for the future of the temple.

But again, I am not a business man but a simple minister.  My goal is not to get more money and more people, but for me to be happy.  If you have time, please watch this video.   I look very happy when I deliver my dhamra talk.  Because I am happy, I have a strong feeling that I want to help people.  

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    Gary Link (Saturday, 04 April 2015 05:32)

    Thank you Ishikawa Sensei! This is a great way for many Jodo Shu Buddhists throughout the world to feel connected to a temple that might not be nearby. I hope you can continue sharing your services/talks. I will be watching and sharing them on facebook, etc. for others to enjoy as well. Gassho.

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    Rachael Pretinskei (Sunday, 07 October 2018 10:31)

    I expect the buddshist monk to hold in his personal feelings favoring an unsterile female over a very unintelligent feelingless child bearing woman who has to have full or partial hysterectomy and cancer. A happy marrige. More have been broken up over this one issue. A crime! Never rectified in my life. No way. Sorry is for all ages.