2015 Hanamatsuri Week

Happy Hanamatsuri Week!

2015 Hanamatsuri Week, which was proclaimed by our Mayor Carvalho, has started. 

Hanamatsuri (花祭り)in Japanese which literally means Flower Festival commemorates the celebration of the birth of Prince Siddhartha Gautama (624-544 BCE or 566-486 BCE) who later became known as Shakyamuni Buddha, founder of Buddhism.  

According to the old Chinese tradition which Japanese followed, he was born in April 8, enlightened (35yrs old) in December 8, and passed away (80yrs old) in February 15.   But other Buddhist traditions celebrate this day, called Vesak Day, together with Bodhi Day (Buddha's enlightenment) and Parinirvana (Buddha's passing) Day because these three events were believed to happen in the same day when it was full moon.


During the Hanamatsuri Week this year, I'd like to conduct a Nenbutsu meditation service at Koloa Jodo Mission from 12:00 noon every day.

Also on this coming Sunday, April 5th at 9:30 a.m., the Kauai Buddhist Concil is sponsoring a Buddha Day Service at Lihue Hongwanji Mission.  The guest speaker will be Rev. Shinko Higa.  After the service, there will be light refreshments and lucky number game.   For all the Buddhists on Kauai, please join us to celebrate a Buddha's birthday.  Also visitors welcome!

Once again, I sincerely wish you all to have happy Hanamatsuri Week and Aloha!

Map of Lihuge Hongwanji; 2015 Kauai Buddha Day Service on Sunday, April 5

Lihue Hongwanji by Google Street View
Lihue Hongwanji by Google Street View

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