Buddhist Service at Kapaa Jodo Mission

The day before yesterday, I baked two wholes of chiffon cake,  because I was not sure if I could make Sushi for the refreshments after the service which would start at 10:00 am at Kapaa Jodo Mission on Sunday.  This was like insurance in case I couldn't make Sushi.

But I've just finished making Sushi.  I"m so happy I made it.  The reason why I make refreshments is very simple. 

I just want to see happy faces of those who come to the service.   The more I make for them, the more I become happier.   That's my energy for the happiness....And because I know I am happy, I can always talk about "happiness."

From now on, I will officiate the service at Kapaa Jodo Mission at least once a month.  If you live near Kapaa, please come to Kapaa Jodo Mission for the Service.  Mostlikely, I will bring my special Sushi to Kapaa.   Anybody will be welcome!!!   For more information, please check a schedule on this website.

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