Eastward Movement

It was Arnold J. Toynbee who said that the shift of the civilization has been moving toward the West. From Greece to Rome, Rome to European countries, then to the United States.  Also people have moved to the west, just like American frontier.  

On the other hand, Buddhism was gradually transmitted to the East.   From India to both south and north Asia, and then to Japan.   This is called "Eastward Movement ("Touzen" in Japanese)" and since Japan has been located at far end of the East (It means more East means nothing but ocean), not only Buddhism but also various cultures and thoughts didn't move to the further East.   They have stayed in Japan for a long time and mixed and ripen very well.   As a result, they say some new types of Buddhism were born during the Kamakura period and they have come to Hawaii, as you know, as they've gotten improved technology of the transportation.

Since lots of people from both East and West came to Hawaii, which is located at almost center of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii has been well known as the place where East meets West.   Not only people but also various religions indeed came to Hawaii.   One of them is our Honen Buddhism which was first brought by Rev. Taijo Matsuo and Rev. Gakuo Okabe in the year 1894.

Today, 120 years have passed since their arrival to Hawaii.  East to Hawaii, there is a mainland of United States to the East.  Also at further East of Hawaii, there are Europeans countries. 

Is it possible for Honen Buddhism going to the further East which is known as "Western countries." If so, how and what we need to do?

Here we are pleased to present a Commemorative Symposium, Honen Buddhism -East to West,  at the Jodo Mission of Hawaii, Honolulu on March 15, 2015 at 9:00 am.   If you are on oahu, please come to attend this symposium.

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