Nowadays, Japanese use so many foreign words but they usually change words a little different from the original words.  Because Japanese don't like long syllables-words, they usually adjust the words and eventually adopt their abbreviated styles. 

For example, the word "handkerchief" has become "hankachi."  "Convenience store" has become "conveni."   "Smart phone" has become "Sumapho" in Japan.

Inlike manner,  asparagus is called "Aspara" in Japanese.

Because "Aspara" was for sale the other day, I bought them without having a plan to cook.   

So yesterday, I looked for the website of cookpad and found a recipe, called "Aspara-Bacon."

The cookpad recipe says,




Salt .............a little

Pepper........a little

That's it!  It seemed so easy and I tried....for my first time. 

1. Cut Asparagus (about 1.5 or 2 inch long) and put them in the boiled water for 3 minutes.  The bottom part of the asparagus should not be used......

(I made a big mistake!!!! because I used everything...some asparagus were so hard!!!)

2. Add a little salt.

3. Cool down Aspara.

4. Roll asparagus with a slice of bacon.  I used up one package of bacon.

I hope these can be for meal three times for my family!!!

5.  Fry bacon with asparagus with a little pepper.

Completed!!!   Aspara-bacon with Tonkatsu (BBQ) sauce was very delicious!!!

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