Trial and Error

Have you ever eaten Spam Musubi?

I believe most people here say yes.  Spam-musubi is so popular and so good.

Then how about Spam Roll Sushi?  Have you ever eaten it?

Some time ago, I made it because I had some leftover Sushi rice. I put avocado and spam with sushi rice.  I imagined it might be good just like Spam Musubi.  But the taste was terrible!   Sushi rice, avocado, and spam....they are independently delicious, however, combination of three materials was not good.

Spam is well-suited to white rice, not sushi rice.  I thought this was the reason why I didn't see the Spam sushi at stores.

Then, yesterday, I made Kimchee Sushi or spicy Korean pickled cabbage Sushi for my first time.  Kimchee made by auntie Kim is so delicious.  She always give us lots of Kimchee.

But I found out combination of Kimchee and Sushi rice was not so good, just like Spam Sushi.

Yesterday, for the service, I made this much Sushi but only Kimchee Sushi left.  

Just like people sometimes don't click each other, there are good combinations and bad combinations.   And in order to know better combination, the process of trial and error is so important.   Without trial, there would be no discovery.    Without having error, there would be no spirit of challenge!

The best combination I found so far was "Narazuke Roll."    Narazuke is vegetables (usually white gourd) picked in sake lees.  Narazuke is so good with Sushi rice.  I don't think I am the first person who made a "Narazuke Roll."   But I made this Sushi through the efforts of trial and error.

Yes, I've made many errors so far....But I do believe someday I'll be successful.....thanks to the process of trial and error.

This was one of my past errors of Tenpura Sushi.   I thought it was good,  but since my wife didn't like it, I'll never make it again!

By the way, we had visitors from Argentina, France, and Boston!  Muchas gracias, Merci beaucoup, Thank you very much, Mahalo and Arigato gozaimasu for coming to the service!!!

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