My First Hamburg

What a good timing!  When I was thinking to make a "Hamburg steak" in the near future, uncle Mo gave me some "Panko" or "Bread crumbs." 


As you know, "Panko" is a Japanese word but it was originally combination of Pan which is derived from Portuguese (pão) and Japanese (ko) which is abbreviation of "Kona" meaning "flour."  


Just like a western word and a Japanese word were combined well, western dishes with Japanese Panko are excellent.


Today, for my first time, I made a Hamburger (It's called "Hamburg" in Japan.)


Ingredients (4 servings)  *I made more than double for 10 people which means two times meal for my family.


Ground Beef  400 gram or 14 oz

Onion   1/2 Onion

Butter    1 tbs

Panko    30 gram  or 1.05 oz

Milk     3 tbs

Egg   1 Egg

Salt    1/2 small spoon

Pepper   a little

Nutmeg  a little

Salad oil   1/2 tbs

1.  Fry finely cut onion with butter.  Do not fry too much.

2.  Make fried onion coold down.

3.  Mix ground beef, salt, pepper and nutmeg very well in a bowl.  It's important to mix beef with salt first.  So that beef can be sticky.

4.  Add milk (3tbs), Panko (30gram), Beaten Egg (*I made mistake), and then fried cool onion and mix them well.   Take and hit mixed beef to the bowl a few times in order to take out all the air insdie the mixed beef.

5.  Make oval shape hamburg.

6.  Heat frypan and pour salad oil a little.   Then fry hamburg by turing them upside down.

Comleted.  They are my very first bamburg!   They are not looking good but tasted good! 

I, my wife has to admit...... she is lucky to have a good husband!

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    Rebecca Stone (Saturday, 04 April 2015 13:36)

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    I hope you can see this photo--if not, I can send e-mail.
    Uncle Mo loved the Panco Fish I made for dinner, so when he saw 25#bag at Costco, he brought it home. I thought we had a visitor, so made make-believe Panco friend. Most fun was sharing the huge bag with friends and neighbors.