Sighing Woman Tea

A brand-new novel "Sighing Woman Tea" by Mr. Mark Daniel Seiler has arrived here!  This book has received great book reviews and has been nominated as a 2015 Nominee (fiction) for the Kirkus Prize. 


I have known the author and his wife since I first met them here at Koloa Jodo Mission in November, 2011.   They happened to stop by here with friends from Mainland and I was working at the garden.  What a timing!  We happened to meet each other.  It was really happening but since then, they came to attend the Sunday Service and joined in our membership, later.


For me, this meeting was the epoch-making event in my life because zero attendance at the Sunday Service has become at least two.  Without having them at the service, I wouldn't have opportunities to deliver many of interesting Dharma talks.  Also they have brought many friends and their family-members to the service here during the past three years.  Because interesting people have been here,  I have been able to develop myself and the ways to explain Buddhism, too.


Now I'm very happy to have a "Sighing Woman Tea" with me and I want to recommend this book which is now on sale (only $12.75!) at


I'm planning to buy a special edition, too, since the author adopted the front cover which was designed by my wife.  So it may be better to buy this edition if you can wait.    The author actually gave me a privilege to read it before publishing but I wanted to buy it since buying books are just like investment to get wisdom.  Because I pay to get a book, I don't want to waste money.  As a result, sooner or later, I read the book. 


Once again, my sincerest congratulations to uncle Mo on publishing a new book.  Yes, the author is known as "Mo" and his wife is Rebecca, who sometimes make comments to this blog.   I have been very grateful to have friends like Mo and Rebecca.


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    mo (Friday, 06 March 2015 11:32)


    Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I hope you enjoy the book. Your dharma talks are very special, and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. See you on Sunday,