No matter how tremendously positive you may be, it's gonna be very hard to maintain your positive stance if you need to work together with a negative person.   This is just like multiplication.  Minus multiplied by Plus cannot be plus, but always be minus.   No matter how big number you may have, it naturally turns out to be minus if multiplied by minus.

Then how can you be positive ?  I think this is the question that we all need to think.....because this answer is nothing but the way to peace.

To keep away from negativity may be good, but it's just a temporarily solution.  Without facing each other, true peace never come.

I think the only way for peace is to deny your belief what you think you are right.   You need to realize you may not be right.  And another person also need to realize she or he may not be right.  If we can realize we may not be right equally, then it cannot be conflict or war.   This is just like Minus multiplied by Minus can turn out to be Plus.  

I know this is not as easy as Math, but just like thought on "roundabout" I want to work for peace.

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