According to my wife, lately three different people asked her if we were moving to Japan.

Our answer is of course, NO!  We are not leaving here.  It is actually Rev. Akiya of Kapaa Jodo Mission who will be moving in this March.  It seems that this rumor is now spreading out.  

This reminds me of a past rumor that a minister of Lihue Hongwanji is a Sushi Chef.  I haven't asked Rev. Takahashi yet if this was true.  But I was pretty sure that a Sushi chef Minister was supposed to me.  

I thought these rumors were interesting because such simple information could not be passed correctly from person to person on this small island.   

I wonder did you know why?

It seemed to be wasteful of time to think about such a small thing.  But I am a philosopher!  I have enjoyed thinking about the reason.....Then, I found the reason was very simple.  It was because all Buddhist ministers here were called as "Sensei."

Dakine "Sensei" make Sushi every special service.

Dakine "Sensei is moving.

Dakine "Sensei" is very kind.

Dakine "Sensei" is very handsome.

They are all Sensei!  And people are confused!   I'm pretty sure I'm called "Dakine" , too.  So it's no wonder this kind of rumor about Sensei is always around us. 

But once again, I'm not moving anywhere!

For your information, Kapaa Jodo Mission will have a potluck farewell party for the Rev. Akiya Family on Sunay, March 1st around 12:00 noon.  If you know Sensei, this will be a good time to say Aloha. 

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