"Too many" is the reason why it decreases

Some time ago, I received donations of very good avocado from Mrs. Tanaka.  She told me there were plenty avocado last year but this year very few.   I thought this was just like harvest of Mango last year.   Two years ago, there were very good harvest of Mango, but last year, there was not.   Then I introduced uncles' opinions.  

Whether it produces many fruits or not, depends on the amount of rain.   If it's too dry, maybe, the trees think this is the crisis to survive with little rain.   With this harsh condition, they need to work hard to seek water and nourishment under the ground.  As a result of hard-working, they produce many flowers and fruits.   On the other hand, if it's too much water, trees don't need to work hard to seek the water and they get to be lazy!  As a result, they don't produce fruits much....

What do you think?

I think this could apply to our human being.   In old days, many people were poor.  They had hardships.   They needed to work hard and always walked.  As a result, many of people had very strong bodies and minds.   They were able to live long lives.

But how about us young people? 

Maybe because of improvement of medical technologies, we may have long lives, too.   However, because we didn't walk a lot as compared to the older people, we'd probably need more assistances.

Anyway, I now think  the reason of very few avocado was simply because it was too many last year.   And we can understand it better from the viewpoint of "Balance."

For example, if it's too much rain here in Hawaii,  there could be many mosquitoes.  Then do you think many mosquitoes will bear so many children of mosquitoes?    Yes, they do....but numbers of mosquitoes cannot be increasing more and more.   At the certain point, the numbers of mosquitoes should be decreasing because there are more bugs and spiders who could eat mosquitoes.  But if there are too many spiders and bugs, eventually bugs would have hard time to get food.  As a result, there could be less bugs.   In a sense, universe is always seeking the balance.    If it's well-balanced, there would be no change.   However, if it's too many, the universe is try to adjust the balance and it can be less.  

For fruits of avocado and mango, etc, bee play an important role as a pollinator.    At the time of great harvest,  there must be tremendously many bees around the flowers of the trees.   However, because of "too many" bees can cause decrease of the numbers of  bees for sure.  As a result, next year after the great harvest, there could be little pollinators.

I  believe "too many" is the reason why it gets very few.  I also believe you may have a question to me.

"Kosen, you have gained too much weight.. It means you are going to lose weight?  Is the title of this entry still true?"

I think it is still true because too much weight may cause my life be too short."  Let's be careful about gaining weight ( I talk to myself)!!!!

Last, I'd like to thank uncles Edwin, Mo, Earl and June for giving me avocado.

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