Another Good Start

Sorry!  This picture is not a good start for you.  But for me, it's a good start.
Sorry! This picture is not a good start for you. But for me, it's a good start.

Our new year's party was held on Saturday here at Koloa Jodo Mission with 132 people in spite of cold night.  For our temple, this party has at least two meanings.   First one is to express our sincerest appreciation to members, friends and supporters.   Second one is to ask for their continued support.

I think it's a very good idea to hold a New Year's Party in February.  It is like we have two chances to celebrate the new year in the same year.  If you couldn't start a good year, then the new year's party can be another chance for a good start.

New Year's Party this year gave me some feelings of regrets.  I have a feeling of I should have done this and that.  Because of this feeling,  I want to make up for my mistakes by writing a letter from now on.

Nobody likes a regret.   But it is a feeling of regret that make us become better.   When I was about to finish making Nigiri Sushi, Keiko-san kindly came to ask me if there were any help. 

I said "no, thank you."  This was a regret, too.

 I realized I needed help this year.  This time,  I truly realize I cannot make Sushi, take photos, greet people, and be MC at the same time.  I did try to do too much!

So next year, I need someone to be MC and I want to ask another person to take photos of the party.   I definitely want to make Sushi for the guests at the same time, I want to greet every single person.

Another regret was.....battery of comcorder was dead as soon as the entertainment was started.  And it was not recorded except this video clip by my camera.  I believe this kind of reget will have no improvement.   That's my nature.  I need to be reborn again.

Bamboo vases made by uncle Richard Nagoshi were beautifully arranted by Ms. Gina Okuda. All table decorations were her donation.   If you need very unique and gorgeous flower arrangment for the service or party, please let me know. 

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