Roundabout- Secret of Happiness!

from google map.
from google map.

As you know, this intersection is called "roundabout."  When I experienced this intersection for my first time so many years ago at Kapaa, I thought it was odd (strange.) However, the more I experienced driving there, the more I thought this road system was great.   I even thought this was the smartest idea for the benefit of human being in the history of ours.   So I introduced this idea of "roundabout" to friends in Japan many times.

Then what?  MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) of Japan made "roundabout" at 19 places in Japan and started experimental operations as of September 1st, 2014.  (Actually my recommendation is nothing related to this event.) But I think if people can realize this great system of roundabout, we'll see it more and more, just like here on Kauai.

Then several days ago, when I passed this road, all of sudden, I got an idea.   This roundabout system can be a good example of the teaching how can more people be happy.  

I stopped near the intersection and took a photo.   Then I thought it was "modesty" which would give up being selfish and everybody does a little extra work for the society.


As you know, the roundabout system doesn't allow anybody to go the shortcut.   There is no exception!    You have to go around the circle.  This means everybody cannot be "selfish" in the circle of roundabout.    Then everybody needs to drive more extra distance equally. 

Of course, it's always easier to go directly from A point  to B point.  But if one person do this kind of selfish, then there is always another person who needs to wait.   Driving extra distance means everybody quit being selfish and do the extra work for the society....equally. 

War, fighting and quarrel always happen because they both insist they are right.  But if they can think they are not right equally, war doesn't happen.

I think this can be a secret of maintaining good relationship between husband and wife.   As my personal experience, I had some fightings? with my wife in the past.    But after realizing this secret, I always apologize my wife even though she may not be right.   Yes, it saying "I'm sorry" always,  there is peace!

Happy Valentines Day!

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