Sunday Service

It is my utmost joy to welcome members, friends, and visitors here at Koloa Jodo Mission during the Sunday Service.  We have very interesting people regularly coming to the service and they join me in welcoming and explaining Buddhism and this temple.  Visitors welcome!  Because Buddhism is a very international religion, we will welcome people in different faiths.

Last Sunday, I was very happy to have a visitor from Calgary, Canada.  He came here through my websites!   Thank you, Jason!   He told me about podcast and suggested I should start it.   But I thought my Dharma talk could be interesting because I need a whiteboard and my body language, too.

According to my wife,  I'm very looked like the otter is delivering sermon.   So I realize Youtube is better for me and new dharma talk is coming soon!

Anyway, we also welcomed  two Keiko-san back at the service.  New Keiko-san brought her homemade delicious Castella to here. Thank you very much!   And we had fun time.

Conversations between Ms. K and Mr. M were interesting, too.

Ms. K:  What did I miss at the last two Sunday Service?  

Mr. Mo:  Nothing!

Me:  Nothing?

Mr. Mo:  Yes.   You talked "nothingness."

Ms. K:  You understood nothing.

Hope to see you here at Service.

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