Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Again this year, my new year was started with Sushi.  This platter was for the nursing home on the new year's day.


Honestly I didn't like to start a new year by making sushi,  but I couldn't say "no" to the person who ordered a sushi platter. 

What I did was not to complain, but to realize....this is my life.

I should love whatever I do.  So I needed to change myselt to accept this job joyfully.

O.K......I can start a brand-new year to do kindness to the older people.

By delivering sushi, I can visit some friends who might be glad to see me. 

I made extra sushi so that I can present Sushi to some members, too.  Also for the older members who have no children, I gave home-made mochi and cake.  


By the time of delivering, I've become very happy....since I was able to do more than what I needed to do in the morning.

Actually, while waiting Sushi rice to cool down, I was able to go to Poipu shore to take some photos of the first sunrise of the year!

One life is all we have to live.

I will work harder and at the same time I will enjoy my life.

Once again, my belated but sincerest Happy New Year to you and your family!

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