Buddhism is a teaching to reach the other side.

The other day, I went to Poipu to dump lots of paper, cardboard  and plastic bottles for recycling.


Please look at this recycle bin for cardbord.   The front side was almost full.  However I saw people still try to dump mateirals to this side. 

On the other hand, other side of the bin had much more room.   It's very interesting that those who check the other side can find more space to dump the cardbord so easily.


I thought this could be a good teaching of open mind; Do not stick to the one entrance.


Many people tend to think the entrance is one.   They stick to what they see and rely on it. However, if you don't stick to the one entrance, of course, you could find another better entrance.    

In like manner, if you stick to only one side, your mind will become eaisly full.  However, if you don't have attachment to the one side, you'll have your mind always open.   As a result, you could find another solution. 

Buddhism teaches us to leave this shore for the other shore called "Higan."

Then how we can reach the other shore?   The answers are what we call Buddhist teachings, but the most important thing is, I think, to believe...there is the other shore.


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